Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eaglet Day 4: Wind, Weather, and Day 3 Updates

This morning I have finally had some time to check on the eagles. Yesterday we were so busy setting up and getting ready for our ALCOA Bald Eagle Showcase night where we had an amazing evening and turnout. It was great to see the kids really do an outstanding job. I will share images and video from the night soon.

With that going on I was not able to watch the camera as much as I like. Today I turned the camera on and noticed the eagles burrowed down to stay warm.

The wind is brutal today. It is howling when you listen to the camera and being outside really freezes you to the bone quickly.

You can see we have wind gusts up to 30 mph bringing the outside weather to 0 when factoring in the wind. They shared on the news that we are about two weeks behind in our spring weather. I hope the eagles can keep the eaglets warm.

I plan on going back and seeing if anyone had anything to share yesterday from the eagle nest. If you have something and would like like to add it to the wiki please do so by joining the wiki and then editing the page accordingly. We are keeping a running log of events here - http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/2013+Eaglets

Also, I did not get a chance to track and monitor the food yesterday so if anyone was able to note new food brought into the nest that would be great by adding it to the chart or simply letting me know so I can add it.

Last, I hope everyone is enjoying our classroom project page - http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/home

We have a lot going on the site and hopefully we can find something useful or inspirational.

Thanks to everyone who is following and helping out. Hope to see things continue. Let us hope the eaglets survive this cold!

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