Friday, March 22, 2013

ITAG Conference Notes: Keynote Daniel Williamson and Panel Discussion

I have been recording my sessions notes from conferences I have attended are all located here.

I attended the ITAG Conference in Des Moines, IA a few months back and with being so busy with my teaching job I have a pad of notes(actually several pads from notes from all over) that I never had a chance to type up and share.

The notes that I have are a hodgepodge of several sessions where I did not take a massive amount of notes like the other sessions.

Here they are as I work to organize and declutter my book bag and life. I hope you find something useful.

*My ideas will be italicized to separate from notes*

Suggested Reading
Michio Kaku - Physics of the Future
Tom Peters - Re-Imagine

3 Sectors of People Living Tomorrow, Today
1. Army - massive budget to experiment
2. Arts - no budget, experiment to make money
3. Advanced Manufacturing - 

Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot(From Iowa) - gave a speech at Oxford
--Not what you are passionate about or love, but what you are good at
--This whole idea is interesting to we pursue what we are good at or what we love?

Sun is 8.3 minutes to reach
Polaris - 467 years to reach

Students point to the sun, but they are already behind - GET THEM TO POINT AHEAD

When we hook our dreams to the stars, will it be there when we arrive?

What a product means has replaced what a product does

Project Idea - yardstick + yo-yo or Typewriter + TV

Ideas don't make sense together, but when combined you get a tape measure and a computer!!!

What 2% change can we do to make a difference?
Example: Jet Blue decreased speed of planes 2mph and saved 13.6 million dollars

Back in the day you were told "all thumbs" when meaning you were dumb
Today "all thumbs" are the key (texting, phones, games)

So What? Then What? - we have to adapt to create ideas

Fail fast
Be brave and avoid distinction
Think Innovation and end result, not compliance

Jason Glass
21st Century Skills - we are 13 years in and so perhaps we need a new term?
School responsibility to be economic driver and prepare students for real world

Nurture Shock
101 Things I Learned in Architectural School
Adversity Advantage
No Asshole Rule
Made to Stick

"We prepared the path for our children. We should have prepared our children for the path."
Marilyn Kempich(freshmen orientation director at Iowa University)

1. Creative Economy
2. Caboose
3. Cytosine

Richard Florida - Rise of the Creative Class
3 T's - Talent, Technology, Tolerance

What repositioning of an existing resource or asset could ensure the future of gifted education?

Caboose is replaced by the engine up front to prevent knuckles breaking on big trains
Cytosine - What happens if giftedness is engineered rather than enriched?

"If you are not at the table, then you are on the menu."

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