Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Letter "A": Turtle Art and thinking about thinking

  • first powerful idea is that there are powerful ideas
  • a lot of education is about getting unstuck

I am unstuck. I finally had time to play with Turtle Art. I had 20 minutes to just play and test at my own pace, my own comfort level, and style of learning.

The result?

Pretty simple and nothing too impressive, but this required some serious learning for me.

Above I captured the programming to make the letter A.

Why do I share this?

1. I learned about my learning by doing this project.
2. I see a need for this type of coding/programming in school. How powerful to have students think, think about their thinking, and then solve a task at the end of the day. Why is this not happening in all schools?
3. I think I might create an online course where we tinker with programming.

I feel good about myself for creating my letter A. I am now motivated to learn more and try to go deeper. 

And that is the goal of going to school! To find our passions and motivations.

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