Saturday, March 23, 2013

NAGC: 27 Strategies: Resilient, Calm, and Deeply Engaged

I have been recording my sessions notes from conferences I have attended are all located here.

I attended the NAGC conference in Denver a few months back and with being so busy with my teaching job I have a pad of notes(actually several pads from notes from all over) that I never had a chance to type up and share.

This was one of the BEST sessions I have ever attended of any conference. PERIOD!

*My ideas will be italicized to separate from notes*

This one moved me on several levels. It moved me as a parent and a teacher. Sue was a dynamic speaker and one that I hope to come across again soon. She is one of those people that I wish I had time to sit down with and just pick her brain. Despite being discussed months after the conference I have referred to my notes several times since then.

  • Dominant Understand that Gifted is Academic
  • Should be a trans-formative process, not just academic
Passion in video games
A major headache of mine. Screen time of Minecraft and Eden. Could this possibly be a gifted sign? How does one judge the difference between passion and a waste of time? I have issues with the negative ideas of video games especially ones like Minecraft!

Use characteristic questions for screening process(see slideshow)

  • Whole person first - before academic or talent development
  • XKCD comics for humor
  • Get to know idiosyncrasies of child
    • often times gifted kids are introverts who process quickly to disguise themselves as extroverts
  • Learn everything you can BUT
  • Always trust your intuition BUT
  • Be willing to look at yourself a little
Interview Questions
  • What are you fascinated by?
  • Think about an experience where intelligence/insight was overlooked or disregarded
  • Did you have a role in family that was expected and reinforced but may not have reflected your true nature?
Chinese mindfulness meditation

  • Bite off what you can chew and find a team
  • Listen and trust your child
  • Never make them the epicenter, they know better
  • Plan for a lifestyle
  • Rest, quiet time, nature, and noodling are all essential
  • Good sleep is restorative
  • Where is the grit in the oyster shell in kids life?
  • Support learning needs
  • Approach advocacy as win-win
  • Help child develop non academic side of life

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