Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teaching Ideas: Eric Collard, Nikola Tesla, and Controlling The Weather

Here is an incredible inspiration for students who might like to be challenged to make a difference.

Eric Dollard has been working on recreating the inventions of Nikola Tesla - who was way ahead of his time.

It is alleged that Tesla was killed at the request of Thomas Edison.

Dollard forces us to dig out of the thinking ruts that we all get into.

Here is Dollard's fascinating story:

Here is Dollard's indiegogo presentation:

Tesla himself can be incredibly inspirational and gifted beyond words.

Inventions and the inventive process have been suppressed:

Can our weather be controlled?
One of the members of our Innovation Initiative Co-operative inventors group claims to be able to control the weather using radionics devices. While discussing this with him, I suggested that if could do what he says then he could divert a typhoon that I had read about away from Taiwan. I followed the satellite weather images and sure enough the typhoon was diverted. Peter also claimed that he arranged to have a bright sunny day for his niece's wedding. The forecast had been for rain that Saturday. He has a team of people that he works with.
Other claims: the central west USA was in drought situation last summer. He and his team brought rain clouds down the Rocky Mountains to give rain. He and his team have diverted many hurricanes that approached the US from the Atlantic including the big one that was supposed to hit New Orleans again.

CHALLENGE : Come up with a way or experiment to try to prove that he is actually controlling the weather.

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