Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Spinning?

Over dinner the other night I posed this question to my kids. The conversation did not last long as they were not really in the mood to have a discussion. However, we did a few answers before it was all said and done.

They came up with the following answers
  • die
  • not be able to breathe because the air would not mix
  • we would be on the ceiling
However, we did find this article when we started talking about how fast the earth spins. I did not have the answer, but the link below gave us a great discussion topic. Basically, we spin between 800-1000 mph depending on location on earth. Very interesting article. My kids were blow away by the idea that some planes fly faster than the spinning of the earth.

Feel free to leave a comment to this question and let me know what your kids think!
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