Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Crowdsourcing Experiment for Presentation

As I just shared my stress for my presentations coming up in a few short days I finally had an excellent idea. I am finalizing some slides and presentations for my 30 minute presentation, but I want something more. I want a real life example. I want to be able to prove that what I am telling them works. I  have a few personal examples of how it has worked for me, but I don't want this to be about what I do. I want it to be about what EVERYONE does.

So, I have just put together a very generic wiki

It is blank right now. I will begin to add to this, but what will make this powerful is to have a lot of people help out. This will be the icing on the cake my friends.

I know a lot of you have a ton of experience with this topic. Creating PLN's, connecting with others, blog posts, etc. This is your chance to help out a staff and myself by creating a real life working example. Please join the wiki and implement whatever you desire that deals with crowd sourcing and working with others to make us all better educators and people.

Let us work our magic and I cannot wait to see what generates from this!

Here we go..................................
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