Friday, April 12, 2013

Coffeechug Notepad of Ideas: How my blogs and projects begin

Here are some thoughts running through my mind over the last few days and I working on moving towards a blog post or something grander. Not sure where they will lead and perhaps they will not go any further beyond this page.

The reason I share is that when I read something powerful or have an idea I always write them down. I have at least 10 yellow notepads crammed everywhere in my life so I don't forget.

My blog posts and ideas never just magically appear. They start as a seed with a single line or fact. They continue to grow into several ideas and one day they connect and bond to create a larger idea. When that happens I then blog about it or create a project in my classroom.

So, these are the current notes I am working on. Can you figure out my vision and where I am headed with this?

Have a great day

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