Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat Archive and Reflection

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever #coffeechugPLN chat last night. The goal was to help teachers new to Twitter get a sense of a chat and learn to make new connections and put into practice all the things they have been learning.

I did archive the chat and you can read all tweets from the chat. The first chat entry is at the bottom and you will have to work your way up to the top to follow the chat.

We had a nice group of people pop in throughout the night. Be sure to check them out on Twitter give them a follow. I believe we had 22 people(not including myself) add to the chat last night. I am quite happy with that turnout for my first ever chat.

Here is the list of participants last night. Some are veteran Twitter experts and some are brand new. Do your part to connect and meet each of these people.


I thought the chat went good for the first time. I know that I can moderate a bit better and will on some things to improve the next time I host a chat. I know to have some resources available. I thought I had things planned out well enough, but I think I can do better. I am also going to try out Twitterchat next time. A few of my tweets did not have the hashtag and I was told Twitterchat automatically adds the hashtag.

This is what I love. As I try to help others learn and improve I find myself constantly learning as well.

This conversation has lead me to add some more to the Twitter for Educator self paced course I have been working on. It was great to actually talk with the educators and find out what they need. I will be adding Tasks 10 and 11 later this week based on the conversation.

Thank you everyone for a great hour of discussion last night. Check the chat archive linked above and all resources and upcoming events will be shared on the #coffeechugPLN Twitter chat page.

If you have questions, additional resources based on the chat please leave a comment or tweet to #coffeechugPLN. I am working to do another chat in two weeks so if you have a good topic, please send my way.

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