Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things That Suck morphed with a Speed Geek Session

I had a great idea this morning. While checking out my Twitter feed and trying to get caught up I read a post about Things That Suck sessions at EdCamps. I was thinking about the two presentations I have to on Wednesday next week that I am highly stressed about. I just don't see my original ideas coming together. I want to inform, but don't want to waste people's time. One idea that always comes up during inservice days are that teachers feel their time is wasted. I am trying really hard to not have this be a feeling when people come to my session(if any in fact show up).

My first session is on Speed Geeking where I am planning to show off different technology tools every 3-5 minutes. I just don't think this is going to work for a few reasons after I have given it more thought. I need engagement and not just me talking. I had the idea to morph a Things That Suck along with a Speed Geek session.

I have created another Google Document -

On this document I am seeking out ideas that I could use for this situation. I think it will work. I think it will be fun. I think it will spark conversation among staff members that never work together nor see each other except for a few times a year.

I may need to even modify the three stances of a) sucks b) rocks c) is not worth caring about into different elements.

Please help me craft about some technology topics that could prove useful. I only have 30 minutes so not a lot of time, but enough to start conversation.

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