Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ALCOA: Eagle Eye to the World Final Celebration

Last Friday, after some technical difficulties of getting connected several classroom joined online to celebrate and bring to a close the first year of the Alcoa: Eagle Eye to the World Celebration project.

Students worked hard to create something to be remembered by. It was great seeing Matt, Donna, and Lisa join us online along with their classrooms.

Matt had his students perform their song live for us. It was a very touching song and I felt so moved by what they accomplished and created. It just goes to show the power of students and what can be done when you can ignite their interest.

For the first year of running and operating this project I honestly could not be more pleased. Things were not perfect, but when is anything perfect. This project turned out great due to the classes and teachers involved.

We were not able to record our meeting, but I wish we could have showed you the kids. They were awesome. Here are some videos of the celebration products.

Here is a link for the actual project - http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/

Through the Eyes of an Eagle:  

My students created two videos - one for each class.

4th grade

5th grade

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