Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review: How To Deliver A TED Talk


Book Description

"How To Deliver A TED Talk" is a complete guide for creating presentations that inspire others through your story. Based on intensive study of the most popular TEDTalks, this step-by-step playbook shows you how to select your topic, craft your narrative, master your delivery, and refine your design.

My Thoughts

I bought this book for my Kindle as I knew I would be highlighting and marking up this book like crazy. I bought this book as I have begun to do more and more presentations and really enjoy delivering and talking with people who have interests and passions in the same field. I recognize that I have work to do when it comes to presenting.

I read this book through two lens. One to help me as a presenter to help deliver more meaningful and important presentations. Two as a teacher to help enhance my delivery of learning in my classroom.

I am not going to go into all the key takeaways from this book because I feel that you should really read it for yourself if interested. I have seen enough TED talks to be able to relate to most examples shared in the book so that helped, but if you have not seen many TED talks, then this book will take you a bit longer because you will want to see the videos as referenced in the book.

Reading this book I really took away some key elements to improve my speaking and delivery. Very simple and practical tips and not ones that require more work on top of everything else.

It is an easy read. Not very dense so if you are looking for high scholar type material this is not it. It digs deep enough to be powerful, but does not bore you to death. 

I have my Kindle notes printed and am beginning to analyze and reflect on my own teaching.

Anyone who speaks or gives presentations should give this book a read to learn a few tricks to be even better.

I would love to connect and talk about this book with others. My notes/highlights are open to the public on Kindle so check them all out along with all the other notes and  highlights.

I look forward to using these tips in my next presentation to see if I can make some improvements.
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