Friday, May 3, 2013

Robodogs Robotics Camp

I am one of two Robodogs Robotics coaches for Bettendorf Schools. We have operated a summer camp the last few years where from this camp we create our FLL team. As I continue to share what we do and how we do things I thought it would be important to share our camp form.

We are working to change things up a bit. Each year we build and design new robot challenges so that the people who have attended the camp in years prior do not have an advantage. We also opt to not have an advanced class as people have asked us about. We keep everyone together because we like to see who has mentor-ship and leadership skills. Can the students who know how to operate a robot lead and be part of a team concept? Those skills are just as vital as knowing how to program. We look at thought process, problem solving, and speaking skills. There is so much to ponder and consider. The robot really is just the gimmick to see the whole child.

Anyways, here is our form in case you are interested in the camp or want to see how we set things up. If you have questions or want to know more please let me know.

Our robotics page is if you want to know more.

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