Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running is so hard! 18 weeks until Rev3

Got up this morning for my run.

Yep, I am sure I was not pretty looking this morning.

Run gear was a bit snug

I was breathing as if I was in labor

And I was not moving fast

And I realized I counted wrong and only have 18 weeks instead of 19 weeks until Rev3

Happy Tuesday!

My run workout today consisted of

MS: 2 x 10' (3') @ z3/HMP/ModHard. Remainder of time z1/LRP/Easy to z2/MP/Steady. 

I did a 10 minute warmup and then hit my strides. My Z3 is right around 7:47, but today I was happy to be right around 8 minute mile pace. It will get there. The rolling hills kick my booty today

Here is Episode 7 of the Getting It Done Journey

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