Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer PD Experiment #1: Waking Up To Alarm Clock and NOT iPhone

I think the first stop is establishing waking up at 4 am like I used to do in order to be productive. I have lost this piece and I think part of it is due to motivation, but my system in flawed.

I used to wake up like clockwork early in the morning in order to get my workouts done before my family would wake up. This gave me great peace of mind knowing I could have some morning solitude, workout, and be home before anyone was out of bed.

Lately, I have been struggling waking up. I overslept three days this week and missed my workouts. I make great excuses and know myself well enough to know that if I don't get things done in the morning they never get done.

Time for change

Experiment #1: Use old school alarm clock and not my iPhone

My iPhone is an issue. I have noticed that since using my iPhone and keeping it at my bedside I oversleep, stay up much later, and am not sleeping as good as I could be.

So long Candy Crush, email checks, FB updates, Twitter checks, and online reading.

It is not needed.

My iPhone will remain on the main floor at night so I am not tempted to look at this screen late in the night or while laying in bed.

Time to get up and make things happen.

Not only will my sleep improve while getting up in a routine again, but it will give me time for solitude to think and reflect before becoming glued to my devices. This is part of experiment #2, but for now working on this one will be enough.
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