Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Review: CTRL ALT DEL by Mitch Joel

Book Description

The DNA of business has changed. Forever. You can blame technology, smart phones, social media, online shopping and everything else, but nothing changes this reality: we are in a moment of business purgatory. 

So, what are you going to do about it? 

Mitch Joel, one of the world's leading experts in new media, warns that the time has come to CTRL ALT DELETE. To reboot and to start re-building your business model. If you don't, Joel warns, not only will your company begin to slide backwards, but you may find yourself unemployable within five years. 

That's a very strong warning, but in his new book, CTRL ALT DELETE, Joel explains the convergence of five key movements that have changed business forever. The movements have already taken place, but few businesses have acted on them. He outlines what you need to know to adapt right now. He also points to the seven triggers that will help you take advantage of these game-changing factors to keep you employable as this new world of business unfolds. 

Along the way, Joel introduces his novel concept of "squiggle" which explains how you can learn to adapt your personal approach to your career, as new technology becomes the norm. 

In short, this is not a book about "change management" but rather a book about "changing both you AND your business model."

Book Description

Another marketing book that I read while filtering all content through the eyes of an educator. Once again I have found a business/marketing books to be quite helpful when thinking about education. These people are cutting edge and Mitch Joel is right there among the best. Since reading this book I have been listening the podcasts he creates and learning so many new ways of thinking.

As I read through all my notes in Evernote that I jotted down I think one of my biggest takeaway ideas was how we look at things or ideas. I don't know if that was the central idea, but I found myself constantly writing down ideas and questions about viewing things through the mind of a consumer or someone who is actually going to use the product.

I finished this book excited to pioneer new ideas. I am going to embrace the squiggle and see what develops. Life is not linear and therefore it can get messy sometimes. Life is too short to not go out and make things happen. There is no need to wait for someone to tell us what to do. Take charge and do it!

The book is a great read. I am not going to go into his key ideas and triggers as you can read those for yourself. What I will tell you is that you will find great resources to other people who will challenge your thinking as well as take away key ideas to make yourself better. In terms of education the ideas fit. Shift your ideas and mind and don't wait around. Get out of your comfort zone and push the envelope. That is what great businesses and innovators do and therefore teachers should be doing the same.

Another must read. You have to be willing to take from the book what you want. For me it was thinking and challenging my ideas and beliefs as an educator. This book did just that.

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