Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Teachers, it is time for us to embrace our profession of TEACHING! #coffeechugPLN

"Never create for today; How might we prepare for the future? ...The world is moving and we cannot stand still" --@jbrettjacobsen

I read this tweet today and could not help but think how true this statement is in education today. We are at a place and time where the world is moving and upgrading at a pace that not everyone is able to keep up with.

Schools have always been behind society and with the surge in technology, shift in economy, and dynamic swing in society/economy/lifestyle schools are falling behind at an even more rapid rate.

Teachers have to stop worrying about the past. They need to stop thinking so much about how they were taught or ways that used to work. Times have changed. The world has changed. And it will all continue to change. We must change along with it.

Educators must embrace the world we live in. We need to stop waiting for permission and make things happen. We have a keen enough insight to see how things have progressed and changed. We know enough from being in the battle trenches of education to know what is still missing in schools today. We are intelligent enough to know how to make these ideas happen.

And we are powerful enough to make change and do what is right.

Enough of the mindset that we are "just teachers". You are not "just a teacher". You are mind shaper who innovates and inspires the next generation to help enhance the world. It begins with us in our classrooms doing what we know how to do best.

So don't think for today. Don't think about standardized test scores, following the sameness factor that we have all been forced to believe. Stand up and teach! Teach these kids to be ready for the world. We may not know what the future holds, but we sure as heck know what it takes to be successful and ready.

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