Thursday, September 19, 2013

Achievement vs. Success: The School Debacle

Working through our #bettpassion projects and helping students navigate their journey to their destination I cannot help but think a bit about the difference between these two terms.

Achievement is tangible and something concrete in the minds of students. This happens because it can be framed as a goal or a checkmark on a list of things to do.

Can I receive a comment on my blog? Check
Can I have people donate to my cause? Check
Can I create a poster? Website? Flyer? Check

Achievements work for students because they can be measured and in many ways even defined.

I am not about achievement with this project.


Success is like explaining your WHY? It is a feeling or almost a state of being when you cannot really explain it, but you know you have it. It is something that cannot be generated through a school rubric or scoring system.

Yes, it might take some achievements to reach success, but these are two completely different mindsets and accomplishments.

Going back to my teaching of students of WHY? HOW? WHAT?........

Achievements fit the section of WHAT
Success fits the section of WHY

The key here is in school how do we teach or maybe I should say guide students to finding their WHY so they can feel success and not just jump through hoops to accomplish achievements?

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