Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Coffeechug Website! Please Check It Out!

Alright, this winter break I have decided to take the plunge to moving beyond just a blog. After about a year worth of studying and pondering I am moving on.

I have big goals for 2014. One of them is to really push the Coffeechug Universe to a more professional looking feel and approach. In order to do this I have decided to do the following:

1. Host my own site.
2. Buy my own domain
3. Use an Wordpress theme provided by Michael Hyatt(not cheap)
4. Design a website interface that will allow a professional looking touch.
5. Work on my writing - spelling and grammar
6. Push the boundaries of education and what teachers are doing online

I have several big plans with the whole Coffeechug platform that I will share over on my new site.

Here is the link

The website has a TON of work left. I am probably opening this up way too early, but I love to share my struggles and learning processes with the world. You will see this site change a million times over the next few months as I just developed this site YESTERDAY!

So, from now on I will be posting and sharing on my new site

Please let everyone know. Nothing much is changing in terms of blogging and what I have always done except hopefully for more clarity, greater focus, and better content.

While I work my way through this world of web design and hosting which I realize I know very little about I would love any feedback about what you like, don't like, things you want, don't want, etc. All this feedback helps me create a site that is worth your time.

Thank you so much for all of you who follow this blog. I hope you follow me over to the new site. I know I will lose some readers, but hopefully not the ones that matter most.

While you are there you can catch a glimpse of my latest education experiment using Google Glass that I just announced today.

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