Thursday, November 17, 2011

Training - 2 Days Until LHF Race - 5.26 Miles With Two Crazies

Three of us were up early this morning for our run starting out at PVHS. It was another cold morning of 20 degrees. We took for a 5 mile run around town. We ended up running 5.26 miles in 42:18.

It was another good run. I have had three great runs this week so I am feeling good heading into my race this weekend. My body feels fresh once I get warmed up. I am not sure what the temp or weather will be like, but I will embrace it all.

After our first mile of 8:40 we ran the next four miles all under a 8 minute pace. It is nice to run a different run and to run with others. I know I said that last week, but it really breaks the week up.

Heading towards the pool tomorrow for a swim workout to round out the weekly workouts. I will take a day off of running to give my legs a rest for the run Saturday.

Don't forget to follow Jeff Paul this weekend as he is ready to tackle Ironman Arizona. He has been training like a machine for this race. If you need a reminder that we could all pick up or fitness levels head over to his blog and read what he has been doing for his training for this IMAZ while being a teacher, father, and husband. He is an inspiration to many. I will be following his race. I look forward to checking out the race with the GPS devices tagged on the pros.

Have a great Thursday. Continue GETTING IT DONE!

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