Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Training - Wednesday Swim(Swim #2 of the week)

I was back in the pool this morning. I know I just swam Sunday and Monday, but I knew that if I did not get my swim in today, then my swim workout would not happen again this week. I jumped in to make sure I was able to complete my second swim workout this week. That leaves me with just some running and possibly a bike ride if weather holds up this weekend.

I swam a little longer than what I have been doing. I swam 30 laps or 1500 yards. It felt good to be in the pool swimming. I don't know if my technique is improving at all, but it sure feels like I am becoming a stronger swimmer. Part of this could just be my conditioning is improving and not so much technique, but I would like to think it is a combo of both.

I started out with some basic swimming to warm up and focus on breathing and kicking. Once my shoulders loosened up I worked on really extending. I did a couple of swim stroke counts throughout the workout and each time I was under 20 with a few around 15. That is a major improvement where before I was constantly over 20.

I worked out with the fins for some laps working on my kick. I have a good kick sometimes and when I get tired it completely falls apart.

I also tried the shark fin drill again, but I am so bad at this drill that I can only do it a few times before getting too frustrated and moving on.

A big step in my mind was that I could finally swim 100 yds without stopping. Don't get me wrong I am gassed by the time I finish, but when I started a two weeks ago I had to stop every 25 yds.

I also worked on the streamline position with only my kicks and then incorporating my strokes. I am really trying to get my kick better. I do fine when I only kick, but I throw in my arms and my legs start going all over. I am also working on rotating from my core more and not just my shoulders.

I like incorporating the swim into my workouts. I enjoy mixing things up. Once I have enough money for a trainer I will be able to add cycling to my training. I love knowing I have plenty of time to work on skill and technique.

I hope to dial in my race plans for 2012. I need to decide on my big races so then I can work backwards and plan my checkpoints to help me prepare. I am learning that I have so much to learn.

I plan to order my own fins this weekend. I look forward to having a day off. It will feel weird not working out, but I know my body is in need. I have been pushing it for a solid block of time and it is time to give it some downtime. What better timing than with Thanksgiving. I am not going to worry about what I eat or how much. I am going to indulge and live it up. I will refocus once again on Friday or Saturday depending on leftovers :)

Have a great Thanksgiving. We are hosting our first Thanksgiving so cooking and cleaning are in order for the next 48 hours.

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