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Coffeechug 2011 Year In Review In Numbers

I know everyone is doing it, but I cannot resist and must take a look back at my year to reflect on all the amazing things that have happened the past 365 days. Take a glance and hope you enjoy. Needless to say I think I accomplished my mantra of GETTING IT DONE! I did not include any education/teacher goals as I feel that is just part of my job of constantly staying ahead of the game and keeping education interesting.

Lastly, none of this would ever be able to happen if it was not for my amazing wife and kids. They are so supportive in all my adventures that I tackle. My wife supports what I do both in training and in my geek world and without her support it would not happen. I only hope that I am good role model for my kids. Speaking of kids......

IMG_2008 IMG_1994
It is hard to believe that this year we brought Ava into the world. I cannot remember life without her. It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital and now she is up and crawling and pulling herself up in her crib and eating real food 8 months later. Aiden is now 7 years old today on 12.31.11 in first grade and becoming bigger, smarter, and cooler each day. Addy is 5 years old and continues to bring us the unexpected each day.

Training - I had an amazing year of training. I went from starting out running in 2010 completing my first Bix, half marathon, and Urbanathlon completing about 425 total miles. I thought that was amazing in itself. This year 2011 brought a greater focus and renewed sense of training, enjoyment, and pushing myself. I am currently in the early stages of training for my first triathlon and half Ironman, but in the meantime here is the breakdown of my training for 2011.

1 - week of training over 100 miles. That just so happened to be this week in which I put in a great week of training with 114 miles. What better week than the last week of the year?

1500 - miles of training I put in 2011. Mind blowing. considering I had only 425 in 2010 this is a huge improvement. You can see with my training load towards the end of the year I am in process of having another breakout year in 2012.

2011 Training Totals
6 - The number of races I completed this year
5 - Pairs of shoes I went through. Kinvara 2 light shoes only have 75 miles on them as they are not designed for big people like me. I fell in love with Brooks Ravenna 2 shoes and am currently on my third pair.
1090 - miles of running completed this year in 2011. This is amazing considering my slow start to the year. I never dreamed this possible. Amazing to look at the graph and see what I am capable of doing when I put my mind to it. It is all mental.
Run Totals for 2011

391 - Miles on the Bike in 2011 - Not bad considering I just got a bike a few months ago and just started riding regularly about 4 weeks ago. I cannot wait to see how this develops in 2012
Bike Totals for 2011

17 - Miles of Swimming - Once again not too bad as I just started with swimming about 4 weeks ago. I have a long way to go and only hope to improve in 2012
Swim Totals for 2011


I have made more things online that I care to admit. Some have taken a backseat, but others are in full force. I am in love with Pinterest -

All my online goodies are located here:

I have been testing out many avenues and gathering all sorts of things this year to finally begin my book about my life mantra of GETTING IT DONE(2012 goal)

I love me some Twitter. It is nerd paradise for the ADHD. I continue to load up my gmail account with tweets that love. I started small and still have a small following, but I am happy to be around 375 followers. I hope to be around 500 by the end of next year. It is all about the tweets baby.

Books of 2011
I read and reviewed 85 books this year. I was hoping for 100, but my reading tempo slowed down quite a bit the last few months with my training. I just cannot stay awake past 9:00 to read. I did actually read 87 books, but have not written up reviews for them so I will keep my number at 85 books

Blog Stats - I started this blog May of 2009. I only had a few posts as I was experimenting. I really started to blog in August of 2009 with the start of a new school year. It rough and a completely different blog as it was more classroom focused and then merging to book reviews, and then just constantly changing from that point on. I have had a total of 102,000 visitors since August 2009. My audience has changed quite a bit, but I have made some good progress as I now average between 5000 - 8000 visitors a month. I hope to make this improved to 7000 - 10,000 visitors in 2012. I must become a better writer.

Here are my all time posts. You can see that many of my top posts are actually from 2011 which I take as a sign that I am improving on my blogging skills. I still don't know why Alex Trebek is so popular. I made one nerdy post about the man and now my blog appears on the first page of a Google search for Alex Trebek.

Aug 14, 2010
6,475 Pageviews

May 25, 2011   
1,615 Pageviews

Dec 8, 2009
 1,030 Pageviews

Oct 28, 2009
578 Pageviews

May 14, 2011, 2 comments
548 Pageviews

Mar 24, 2010, 3 comments
402 Pageviews

Apr 26, 2011, 1 comment
297 Pageviews

Here are my top pages on my blog. This can be somewhat misconstrued as I am constantly changing my pages on my blog depending on what contest, challenge, or current thing I am working on. However, the Board of Inspiration has really taken off this year.
Dec 15, 2010
1,211 Pageviews

Feb 15, 2010
752 Pageviews

Dec 20, 2011
580 Pageviews

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