Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ironman Training: Day 22-23

If you read my last post on training you know that Monday did not start off as planned as I missed my swim workout after being up all night with Ava.

Today I was up and ready. I took my AdvoCare rehydrate, O2 gold and right before leaving my Catalyst.

I met up at the Y to see Chad, Curt, John, and Emily. I am not in the best of shape so John and Emily took off and I knew it was too fast for me. Chad stayed behind and we ran our loop. It felt good to be running, but to say it was easy I cannot claim that. I need to get my fitness dialed in.

Time to quit making excuses

Time to stop losing mental focus

Time to study my goals and begin the path to attain them

It felt good to be out running. I always feel so much better afterwards. Today I have been tired I won't lie. Part dehydration and part being out of shape.

My training called for a 40 minute Level 2 run. After missing last week I figure an extra 10 minutes would not hurt too much.

Parent teacher conferences tonight. Last night I was home at 10 after practice, parent teacher conference for Ava, Lego Robotics practice, and helping a guy with a flat tire.  Tonight I should be home by 8pm. I will be jumping on the bike tomorrow morning and sticking with the plan.

I will be back where I want to be soon. It takes time and a plan to do it right.

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