Thursday, November 29, 2012

NAGC Session: Speed Geeking Notes

I missed this awesome session, but thanks to another amazing person that I met by happenstance I was able to see the notes from the session. Below are the notes of Faye Hanson. She is awesome and she agreed to let me post these notes.

I have not had time to test these ideas and projects out so I would really love it if you have any experience or other suggestions to please leave a comment. I am always looking for new ideas and projects to engage my students. This list is loaded with super AWESOMESAUCE! I just need an extra day in my week to process it all.

Enjoy the list below. Contact me with any questions. Leave your own ideas and perhaps this can lead to an online SpeedGeek session on Google Hangout at some point. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Faye for the notes!


Natl library of virtual manipulatives- different math manipulatives- can change base
Zygotebody- anatomy
Class dojo- classroom mgmt- iPad, web-based
Pinterest- Ed tech pgs- the more you pin the more GT will be out there
Maryland top 10 myths video
Only 1 iPad in classroom blog article
Oreo techtonic plates
Gagnes differentiated model

Apps- little writer k-2
Pizza- fractions
Shake em up- state capitols
Toy tangrams
Word Express

Flipped classroom - know, understand, do
Khan academy
Ted Ed- flipping engine

Quest Atlantis - az state, gates funded- elem & ms worlds
Mkomazi- same program?
Gingers app livebinder
Pbl livebinder

Am assoc of school librarians- best websites for teaching & learning
Celly- text message manager videos re: how to use tech in the classroom

Interactive fiction- teach reading & writing - student as consumers- need interpreter program & game files.
Students as creators- development system-

Viewpure- cleans & isolates YouTube videos- use for flipping
Tubechop- editing YouTube videos
Poll everywhere- in class polling
101 questions
The lively morgue- practice captions
Googlereader n- next s-star interfaces with other social media
Twitter- microblogging in Professional Learning Network web20classroom
Twitter basics blog entry
Air server or reflections apps for displaying iPad

Explain everything- whiteboard like app for iPad

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