Thursday, November 29, 2012

Out Season: Week 5 - 4 x (3 x 45) Workout, AdvoCaare, and TR

Today was tough for me mentally. I woke up at 3:30 when my daughter decided it was time to start the day. My legs were very sore and tired and I was just not ready to get going. I had to force myself out of bed and was ever so glad I did so.

Today was a tough bike workout. I started with the typical warm up that I have to get me going at 5 am i the morning.

5’ easy, 3’ standing @ big gear/low cadence, 2’ easy, then 12’ at Z3/80-85%/Mod Hard, then 3’ easy.

I then got into the workout which called for

MS: 4 x (3 x 45/45) @ Vo2/Zone5/Very Hard. Take 2' easy between each set of 3 x 45/45's. Remainder of any time you have available (if any, not required) @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard.

If you have been following my blog and training log, then you know I am working on converting to Virtual Power using TrainerRoad. I did the test on Tuesday to establish my zones. I plugged them into Endurance Nation, but not sure why my stuff did not load properly.

Here are my power zones

I don't know why the zones did not show up as 1,2,3,4,5, but I can still figure it out. Today as I rode I paid attention to TR and hitting my Power Zones as opposed to HR on my watch. I still recorded the workout on my Garmin and you can see that below.

During my 45 second intervals I had to hit at least 243 power. You can get a better visual of my workout at Rides - TrainerRoad

This was a good workout and actually it knocked out the soreness in my legs. I was able to hit all marks except I think two intervals. I then finished riding in Zone 3 to wrap things up.

Sweet Spot 100:03:0025213613817911663
Anaerobic Capacity 100:12:051211416716732911778
Anaerobic Capacity 200:00:4511121524239112697
Anaerobic Capacity 300:00:4511221924338913197
Anaerobic Capacity 400:00:4511222124138713296
Anaerobic Capacity 500:00:4510120523338912995
Anaerobic Capacity 600:00:4511222424838913698
Anaerobic Capacity 700:00:4511222425038913999
Anaerobic Capacity 800:00:4511121624339113097
Anaerobic Capacity 900:00:4511222625039114099
Anaerobic Capacity 1000:00:4511222024638913998
Anaerobic Capacity 1100:00:4511121424238913496
Anaerobic Capacity 1200:00:4511222324538914397
Anaerobic Capacity 1300:00:4511222024538914398
Anaerobic Capacity 1400:14:001421716816832513679

This was a great workout once I got done. I had to muster up the mojo to get going. Like I tell my girls that I coach sometimes you just don't feel like practicing, but you have to do it anyway. I had to live by my words this morning and was quite happy that I did so.

I still need to work on creating better workouts. For some reason I thought I had the intervals dialed in to my  power levels, but when I started the workout the power goals were super high like 300. But at least I had the intervals put in correctly so I could see each one individually and not massed together like my bike test.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow!

What I have found to be the hardest thing so far is still eating. I cannot stay mentally focused to stay away from junk food. Tis the season I guess. I did buy everything I need to do the AdvoCare 24 day challenge to work on weight loss. I have this ready to go after Christmas. No need to do it now when I know I will be eating good over the holidays again. If you are interested in the 24 day challenge or any AdvoCare product please let me know and I would love to help. I am training this season with AdvoCare and I can tell such a huge difference in how I feel during training and afterwards and am so glad I took the plunge to this company after avoiding it the last few years.

Have a great day!

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