Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#coffeechugPLN Summer PD and 2013-2014 School Year Goal

I have been laying low on the blog and other social media websites. Just taking a break from it all to restore my energy, explore new avenues during the summer, and prepare for another great school year that begins in over a month.

This summer I have decided through my reflection, declutter, organizing, and brainstorming days that I will finally tackle the goal that I have had on the back burner for many years. I think I am finally ready to write my first book. This book will be about education. It will be about teaching along with ideas, strategies, and things I have used in the classroom as well as other ideas I have gathered over time.

As I slowly begin to prepare to tackle this massive task I have decided to seek some input from others. I have created a form for teachers to share ideas about what they want to know more about. If you had a chance to read a book to empower you as a teacher what would this book contain? I am very slowly piecing things together in my mind and will begin to outline in July with writing starting in August. I have time to weave in many new ideas and thoughts.

So if you could take just 5 minutes to help share with me ideas I would be forever grateful. This link to the form will ask you four very easy questions.

Thank you so much and as always I will be documenting my journey writing and sharing out various pieces along the way for feedback. I love to crowdsource as I believe it only makes everyone better.

Let the new goal begin!

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