Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Being Genuine Is Key To Being AWESOME! #coffeechugPLN #tic13

Such a simple concept, but incredibly powerful idea.

Last night I had the opportunity to drive to Dubuque to meet up with Vicki Davis aka Cool Cat Teacher. I was not able to attend the #TIC13 conference going on in Dubuque on Tuesday and today, but I was able to make the drive to have dinner. I would not miss the chance to sit and chat with Vicki who has helped me as both a mentor and guide the last few years. She may not even realize it as this was actually the first time we were able to meet up in person. Working with her online through her Flat Classroom projects and courses is how we have connected and stayed in contact.

What I like best about Vicki besides all of her amazing ideas, thoughts, presentations, and classroom advice is the fact that she is genuine. She is down to earth and just a welcoming person. I always feel lucky when she emails back and especially last night when I was able to have dinner with her, but besides the feeling of sitting with greatness she gives off such a low key normal vibe that not everyone is able to do. It would be easy for her to think quite highly of herself and never consider the notion of meeting someone like me for dinner.

I was also able to meet and talk with some other amazing women as well from the Keystone AEA who is putting on the conference. It was a great pleasure to meet Bev Burns who I cannot believe I have not connected with earlier than last night. We brainstormed the potential for some great things that could be developed with Bald Eagle Project I conducted this past school year. She is from Decorah and therefore uniting the Decorah camera and the ALCOA camera has the potential for greatness. I woke up early this morning and started hashing out ideas that came into my head this morning.

It was also wonderful to meet Eric Sheninger who I follow online via Twitter, his webinars, and website. Just to listen to his ideas and answers to questions was a pleasure.

The reason I share all of this is because on my drive home what impressed me most is how genuine everyone was last night. Intelligence and insights aside I felt right at home last night. Vicki embraced me as soon as I walked in the restaurant. It felt so normal to be there talking with people I have never met in person before. This shows how powerful social media has become when we meet people in person for the first time and we already know so much about one another.

Transitioning this idea is simple. I need to stay genuine myself. I must never lose sight of this idea as I continue to pursue life goals of mine. When teaching this also holds true. Being real and genuine with students is the first key concept to building rapport. Being genuine is the key to building rapport with anyone whether a student, child, parent, teacher, or administrator.

I got home last night excited for teaching. Just sitting with greatness(all 6 of you at the table!) my brain was in a frenzy. I am ready. I had so many ideas spinning in my mind. I jotted many of them down and was up early this morning to reflect and pursue them more. I wish I could be at the conference today to pick their brains even more.

Thank you for a great dinner Vicki! Vicki Davis you are the best! You have helped to shape me in more ways than you know and last night was a great opportunity for me to meet one of my mentors!

I am bummed I missed her sessions and keynote yesterday. I might have missed her key ideas, but I was able to see her genuine passionate personality and that is something more valuable than anything.

Bev and everyone else who I met last night it was a great pleasure and I look forward to hopefully connecting and pursuing future goals and projects.

I love it when my excitement and passion for education takes off! Time for coffeechug to keep going down the path of life goals.

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