Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time of Disruption: Education Looks Like Marketing & Business....

...........because I think that we are both (business and education) in a time of rapid change and disruption. This change is happening every single day whether we are paying attention to it or not.

It is how the world operates anymore. People are taking stances and fighting for change against the giants.

I say all this with a hope of optimism and with positive tones from my voice.

Business and education are in position where the customers and students are ahead of the brands and teachers that are there to serve them. Consumers and students are more connected, informed, networked, and collaborating than ever before. This is allowing them to become more intelligent on their own time and terms.

This is not to say that they don't need our guidance as business and teachers/educators, but it is time we all wake up to this realization.

Speaking with the forward thinkers and working in a district with certain administrators that are two steps ahead of the game and fighting the weight of decision makers not always ready for change we must be ready to change our old ways. This is not to say the old ways are bad. It is just that they no longer work like they used(or if they ever did to begin with!).

What are you going to do as an educator? Many of us attend conferences, read books, connect online, and look for the next bit of wisdom to help us improve. Others do the same, but are scared to implement.

It is time to put fear aside.

It is time to quit looking the other way.

It is time to get excited and embrace this state of change. This state of thinking where we can liberate our students to pursue their passions. This state of education where teachers can begin to fight the stress of test taking and fight for the right to teach kids, not tests!

We can do it. Continue to seek wisdom and insight. Continue to fight for what  you believe. Continue to stay passionate about helping our students prepare for the future that is so wide open.

It is time. Are you ready?

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