Monday, July 8, 2013

#coffechugPLN Twitter Chat #5: Multipliers and how to lead

When: Every Tuesday

Time: 8:00 pm central time

Hashtag: #coffeechugPLN

After a brier hiatus from running the #coffeechugPLN chats, it has now returned. Please come join us for a great hour of discussion this Tuesday, July 9th. This week we will be talking about leadership. The ideas will be based on book Multipliers by Liz Wiseman. You do not have to read the book to join. Perhaps the discussion will motivate you to read this book.

Depending on chat, this might become a two part series. Here are the questions I have prepared for the chat in case you want to prepare a bit ahead. 

Q0: Introductions and what you have learned this week.

Q1: How do some leaders create intelligence around them, while others diminish it?

Q2: What could you accomplish if you could get twice as much from people?

Q3: What could you change or influence to get 2x as much from people? How do you do this?

Q4: How do you create a safe, open environment, but also relentlessly demand the best thinking and work of those around you?

Q5: How do you create intrigue rather than apprehension?

Q6: How does one become more curious? 

Q7: When something is off the rails, do you take over or do you invest? When you take the pen to add your ideas, do you give it back? Or does it stay in your pocket?

Q8: What would cause other people to become smarter and more capable around you?

Q9: What could people figure out on their own if you just gave them more space?

Q10: How can you get the full brainpower of your team or school/staff?

Q11: What is your Mission Impossible that you are going to tackle this year?

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