Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top 5 Posts from last 30 days

Below are my top five most popular posts from the last thirty days. I am working through Platform University created by Michael Hyatt and after seeing Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis share her top posts from the last six months I decided to do the same. I don't have the data to track my last six months, but I can look at the last month so that is what I did. 

When I examined these five posts I tried to figure out the WOW factor in each. I am working through Platform and just listened and filled out the study guide to the first master class. As I work through cleaning up my online presence and organizing all my stuff that feels scattered all over the place I feel the need to stop and ask what is my WOW factor to coffeechug? I figured I would start with these five posts to determine what works in my writing. I know my writing needs work and can improve. 

The problem with these five posts is that I don't see a theme. I thought at first it was providing a point of view to gather discussion. My perspective is not coming across as the right answer, but just a starting point to a topic to increase dialogue. However, one of these does not contain opinion. Even harder is the post from over two years ago where I reviewed a running shoe that no longer is in production. 

I don't know what makes these tick and stand out to people. I will have to look at other posts to find a theme.

Even more important is still to determine my WOW factor. What is it that draws people to this blog and persuades them to come back again to read future posts? That is the answer that still escapes me and one I need to identify. By finding this I feel that I can then organize and structure all my content and sites around that central theme.

My summer PD has proved to be quite challenging. And I love every minute of it.

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