Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coffeechug Cafe Podcast #1: Passion Driven Classroom

This is not a pristine podcast, but it is real and raw. I don't have a theme song(anyone want to make one?) and the tools I have are quite simple: Audacity and my Mac mic.

But the message I deliver is a strong one. A message about Passion Driven Classroom and this is one that has fueled my fire for several months now.

I will be speaking on this topic at the WCGTC(World Council for the Gifted and Talented Conference) in August. I have been doing extensive research and also working on some key ideas.

As I continue to work the outline of my speech I wanted to do a practice run speaking on passion as well as get started with my new Coffeechug Cafe Podcast series that I have been wanting to create. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would give my podcast a listen and give me feedback. I want to enhance this podcast as I go along. I also want feedback on the content. As I work through my presentation and you listen to this podcast I would love to know:

1. Did my passion come through?
2. Did you find the message and content helpful?
3. How was my delivery?
4. What else does the message need?

I am still looking for more quality content and real life examples of passion based classrooms. My goal is to get teachers reflecting about their passions for being a teacher and ensuring they share that in the classroom. When that happens learning can be amazing.

Thank you for listening and giving me any feedback that you think will make me better as a speaker, podcaster, and as well as the message.

In case the podcast does not show up in your browser or device, here is a direct link

Here are the links mentioned in the show

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I took away some very helpful ideas from your podcast, especially the essential questions of “What’s your wow?” and “What’s your why?” They are essential reflections for every teacher to revisit often if we are to really make an impact in our student’s lives. Thanks for the reminder.

As you challenge us all to move from reflection to action, you might add the question, “So, when is your now?” Often we get inspired, but it is followed by the mired and the tired. It takes courage and a lot of hard work to break out of our comfort zone. Our inner middle-schooler wonders what others will make of the new me. I like Eleanore Roosevelt’s words: “Do what you feel is right in your heart, for you will be criticized anyway…”, but that’s not easy to do.

Mrs. Roosevelt’s wisdom reminds me to suggest another member of that Greatest Generation for advice in polishing your presentation. Take a page out of Winston Churchill’s playbook. It is claimed he spent an hour for every minute in his speech. He wrote them out, word by word, and then subjected them to word by word edits. The words that remained are words we remember to this day. Your words need to be heard, remembered, and acted upon in every classroom.

Best of luck in your upcoming presentation!