Monday, July 29, 2013

"The three rules of presentations Levity, Brevity, and Repetition. Let me repeat that..." - Daniel Pink

This quote has been ingrained in my head the last few days as I piece together my presentations for the World Council of Gifted and Talented Conference.

I am feeling stressed trying to connect my key ideas into a 25 minute format.

I don't want to be a talking head. I want action and want to spark my audience into DOING.

Working on finalizing one presentation and then condensing another one down to fit parameters.

Simplicity and brevity should be easy, but I find it to be much more difficult to achieve.

This has proved challenging and makes me think about applying this idea to my classroom as well. Let us just get to the point, deliver, and move on. If we need more we can always do a follow up.

What are your tricks to levity, brevity, and repetition?

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