Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Passion Toolkit is revealed! Find out how to share your PASSION! #coffeechugPLN

A few days ago I shared out a digital version of my handout for my upcoming presentation on Passion Driven Classrooms.

Today I wanted to give you a glimpse at the Passion Toolkit that I put together with the help of my wife. This is my handout that people will pick up when they enter the room.

The toolkit has been designed to be very simple to use and yet incredibly powerful to share PASSION!

Here is quick rundown of each item in the toolkit and what to do with them. You probably have these items around your house so please take part and participate! The more the merrier.

Take a Post It note and write a message sharing your Passion, draw some artwork, write a quote, etc. Anything that spreads your own individual PASSION. Take your Post It note and leave it somewhere for others to notice. Even more important is that you take a picture so I can add it to the Passion Project website.

Same thing with the chalk. Take your chalk and write a message somewhere spreading your PASSION. For me this summer has been about challenging my comfort zone so I have been making myself do a zentangle at least once a week. I am not an artist, but it forces me to work on something while finding myself. What will you do with your piece of chalk.

When students come to school they view teachers as all the same. They group us in this pile of Mr. and Mrs. What are you going to do to separate yourself and classroom from the rest. Students view us a blank piece of paper. Pretty blah! How will decorate your blank notecard to show students that your are full of PASSION? We must share our PASSION if we want students to celebrate their own. Decorate the notecard anyway you want to showcase your PASSION! Be ready to WOW your students on day 1.

The clothespin is the bonus item. I have not plans with the clothespin so I am leaving this item to the masses to find a way to showcase PASSION. I am ready to see what you come up with.

Don't put this off. Do it now! If you wait you will forget and your PASSION will go unnoticed. Be proud. Dig deep. Identify your PASSION and share it with the world. The more we share the more powerful we can become.

So, please rise to the challenge and submit your PASSION. Send me an email at aarmau@gmail.com and I will add your PASSION message to the website.

As always I would love your feedback. This is something new to me. This is not your typical presentation handout. I am a tad nervous, but excited to see what generates.

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