Friday, August 23, 2013

Starting out with #PBL - Mindset of an Innovator #coffeechugPLN #pbl

Building a little Lego Minecraft before heading back to school tomorrow. @lego @legoeducation @legoeducationnorthamericaI really believe that sometimes we have to go slow in order to move fast. As my school works on transforming to a PBL teaching model and atmosphere we have teachers at all levels of understanding comfort.

As I continue to meet and work with teachers I think it is imperative that we sometimes take a step back and work through things slowly to make sure we are not leaving any educator behind.

What I plan to do with this series is offer a system to help teachers think about moving to PBL in a different format. I want to bring in the design thinking and innovation principles. We can read all we want about projects and assessments, but we cannot overlook the most important factor - helping teachers think differently. We cannot assume that it will just happen. This will take time and be uncomfortable for some. But in the end I think the power will lie in the learning that will take place.

To help with this change in mindset I have put together a small exercise to help teachers begin to shift their thinking.

I want you or your teachers to answer the following question

"What is the attitude of an innovator?"

Define an innovator.

Next, reflect on what skills YOU have and what YOU still need to develop.

Realize that you cannot do it alone so after defining an innovator and reflecting on what you have and what you need I want you to DEVELOP A TRIBE.

A tribe will be your group of other educators or people that will help you navigate the journey. You have to be willing to be open and honest and provide real authentic feedback. This cannot be forced. Only you can decide who will work best to help you transform your mind. At this point just think about who you could work with and begin to establish a network.

Finally, I leave you with a personal task.

Write a letter to yourself about what you hope to gain by moving to a PBL model classroom. Write in your letter to yourself what you hope to achieve and how you will achieve those goals. Keep this letter somewhere safe where you can refer to it down the road.

Below is a Google Form. I would love for you share your answers to these very questions. I don't want your name, only your ideas. Your thoughts will allow me to change the content to meet your needs.

Here we go. Time to be honest with yourself and get back to the amazing creative skills that you have inside of you waiting to be shared.

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