Sunday, September 29, 2013

Robodogs season is underway! Lego EV3 and Learning

I have been meaning to get everyone updated on another great season of First Lego League. Our team has made some major changes to this season creating a massive learning curve for both students and us coaches. Here is a quick breakdown of the changes.

  • We have moved to the new robot EV3. This is creating a new learning curve to our programming and building. We have our experienced members learning the material new as well as trying to help the young members who are brand new to robotics. Our whole mentorship approach to our team is not as smooth yet as everyone is still in learning and experimental mode.
  • We have a new room. I will share pictures in a bit, but after several years of working in tight spaces and rooms of other teachers we finally have our own place. It just needs to be finished so we can decorate it a bit.
  • We have moved to two teams. We have twice as many kids this year. We are sorting through the handling of two teams, how to properly divide, as well as coming up with two robots and two projects.
These are big changes. The great thing is that we are being challenged in all aspects so regardless of the outcomes we are all learning invaluable lessons in design, teamwork, and application.

This is what our room looks like


We have since divided the boards up to separate parts of the room because we just were not getting enough done with all kids together in one spot.

Before any student could place a robot on the board and begin to strategize they had to solve these four tests first using the new software


We had some close calls to the minifig



We also had several ways to go in a 360 turn

I will add all the test boards we created using duct tape on our robot website soon.

We need to update our site for this season. Please check it out later this week with all updates.

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