Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some more books

Right before I decided to post the books I read on this blog, I had just finished a couple of really good novels. I hesitated to post these books because some of the content is not suitable for every child. However, I got to thinking that my passion is reading. I am not going to be the one to censor books. My goal is find books that students will be interested in reading. As I told all the sixth graders during my last book talk, "I really don't believe that anyone hates to read. If you feel that way it is not because you dislike reading, but because you have not been reading the good stuff". So, I have decided to place these books on the blog because I loved them. If you don't think you are supposed to read these books or your parents say no, then don't read them. These are merely suggestions. I am not forcing you to read these. That is my little disclaimer. Always listen to your parents. On with the books.

Ant Farm by Simon Rich is a collection of very short stories or should I say thoughts about what if a different perspective was taken on many issues we faced growing up. There were some stories I really enjoyed especially the perspective of ants dealing with humans and when some students at the elementary age level realize that the "silent game" teachers have them play is really not a game. Being a collection of short stories you may not enjoy or laugh at every single one, but this is a light and funny read to break up always reading some big, thought provoking book. Nothing wrong with this book in terms of content.

The main character in Evil by Timothy Carter is Stuart Bradley. He knows that many people in his small town where he lives do not think highly of him because he is openly gay, runs his mouth when maybe he shouldn't(like in church), and is known to communicate with demons. His town is very small and conservative so that does not help his situation. So when his brother catches him committing the Sin of Onan (biblical spiller of seed)(you can figure that out on your own or by reading the book) he finds himself being pursued by almost everybody in his small town. Before you know it, the town is going after every child who has ever had an impure thought. Along the way Stuart finds out that there is a fallen angel who is creating the atmosphere for all the crazy behavior.

I loved this book. I found it to be quite humorous and thought provoking. My description of the book does not do it justice. It is also another fast read. Carter really makes the reader stop and ponder the points he makes about tolerance and the dangers of over literal, de-contextualized, biblical interpretation. This book does not bash religion in any way. However, it does make you think and reflect on what is right and wrong.

MowPow Disclaimer: This book is a suggestion. It does contain some subject matter that parents may not feel comfortable with their child reading so please check with parents first.
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