Monday, September 28, 2009

Our very own Exquisite Corpse Adventure

After reading episode 1 of the Exquisite Corspe Adventure that I blogged about taking place at LOC I thought it would be interesting to create our very own. I think it will be very easy to do using my blog as the platform. I have created the first part. No, I will not show you what I wrote as that is not the how the game proceeds. Here are the rules to the game modified to a blog.

Decide who is going to start. The first person to start (Author #1) writes a line (or several) of poetry/story as the first comment to this post(in this case it is me). There are no guidelines regarding content.

• Author #1 submits the sentence(s) as a comment making sure that no one can read what has been written the comment will not be published.

• Author #2 writes another line unaware of what Author #1 has written. Author #2 submits their work as a comment, but it will not be posted.

• Each participant takes a turn writing, and then posting as a comment to this post.

The posts are time stamped so I will know the order that they have been submitted. This will continue until October 9th. On the 10th I will gather all the posts and share the contents here on the blog. Get your thinking caps on and use your creativity to see where our own Exquisite Corpse Adventure will take us. You may submit more than one, but hopefully you will tell your friends to post and they will tell their friends and we will have one huge massive story of madness! Let the writing begin.

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