Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Book Review

As promised in a post from a week or so ago, here is a book review on the Bone Magician by F.E. Higgins.

This is the second book that I have read by F.E. Higgins who is from the UK. I love UK authors. I get their sense of humor. I get their writing style and in many ways I feel they get me even though I don't know who they are and the books are rather crazy.

This is a about a boy named Hector who is seeking revenge on the man who killed his father. It takes place in the world of Urbs Umida where the other book I read took place as well. Hector goes out on this journey to seek revenge and finds himself in a rather twisted mysterious world. Hector's father collected butterflies and the book references, intertwines, uses a metaphor of the butterfly throughout the story if you can pick up on it as a reader. All I have to say is that the Lady of the castle is beyond sinister and what she eats will be sure to get a rise out the reader. I never mentioned the importance of the title and that is perhaps because you need to read this book and the other books as well. She has become one of my favorite authors. The last of her books that I have not read just came in the mail. I cannot wait to read this book which I am sure will earn great reviews from me as I loved her other books. Check this one out as it will not disappoint you. Don't take my word for because it is all in the eye of the beholder(sorry, I could not resist a little play on word with the title)

Until the next nerd salute, I bid you adieu

Books by this author

The Black Book of Secrets (2007)

The Bone Magician (2008)

The Eyeball Collector (2009)
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