Sunday, October 25, 2009

Six Sentence Saturday

First off, can you believe the Iowa game? I have never been so into an Iowa game before in my life. What a finish and that is coming from a Notre Dame fan. They are having quite a season.

By the way, can you believe that someone actually referenced me? I feel so cool in my uncool world of cyber-nerdiness. What joy this brings me!

Anyways, here is my six sentences of what I have been reading lately.

Twitterville - Shel Israel - This is not a YA book, but a book that examines Twitter and how businesses are using to help them. A very interesting read as business, schools, and life in general are continuing to change as technology and the internet evolve.

Paper Towns - John Green - Yes, I am still reading this book and the reason for it is twofold. One, I always read his books slowly to process his genius writing skill and am always trying to find more meaning than what is actually there. Second, I don't want the book to end because I will have no more John Green to read until his next book is published.

Demon Keeper - Royce Buckingham - A perfect for around Halloween that deals with Nat who is in charge of taking care of the demons and the Beast in his house(action, humor, and monsters all wrapped into one...extending this sentence to be super long as I only had one sentence left).
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