Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book Review: Paper Towns

Paper Towns
John Green

I have become a major fan of John Green after reading the book LOOKING FOR ALASKA. I became almost an obsessed fan after reading AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES. I have now made him my #1 favorite author after reading PAPER TOWNS. Yes, I know it has taken me some time to read this third novel. I was holding on to savor the genius. I finally have it off my TBR pile(my goal is to knock this pile down to under 5 before adding more).

John Green has this uncanny ability to nail life in high school to a T. I had many of these types of conversations growing up myself(on a disclaimer note: this book is aimed for the high school crowd or teenage age group and not necessarily sixth or seventh grade). I had many connections to this story from the road trips that Q, Lacey, Radar, Ben all embarked on to the simple moments of high school where you just sat around and laughed the night away. I could not read this fast enough to find out what happened to Margo after she and Q completed the 11 tasks together. Margo shows up at his window dressed as a ninja forcing Q to help her on this little adventure. This adventure just sets the tone for the rest of the book.

If you follow any of the awards given to books, then you will know that this book has won some pretty noteworthy awards. I will say no more about the plot of this book except to say that you will not be disappointed. The conversations in novel are brilliantly written yet very accurate to the real world. If a book can get me to laugh out loud several times, share passages with my wife(who really could care less), and also make me ponder life, then I have come across a great read. This one is a great read.
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