Monday, November 16, 2009

The Great Debate: Ninja or Pirate

Seriously, I was posed this question the other day in the hallway by a fellow educator. Ever since this question has been posed to me I have been constantly thinking about it. This question has been long debated in the world of nerds and geeks. Being that if you follow this blog you are one of my allied Nerd Clansmen I figured why not throw it out there to see what you have to say. Pirates hate Ninja, Ninja hate Pirates. This question really forces you to dig deep to decide on what qualifications you stand by in your decision. What side do I align with do you ask? Well, I will post a video by the end of the week with my thoughts and my decision. In the meantime, go ahead and post a comment(s) on your alliance along with your reasons for doing so. I will be adding information about pirates and ninja throughout the week. Be sure to check back to see the info I share along with the votes and comments of everyone. You can also cast your vote over in the sidebar above where you vote for the Teacher Mystery Challenge.

This will be the only thing posted this week as I want everyone to focus on this great intelligent debate. I will have my video posted Friday, but other than that this week will be devoted to this topic and also to catch up on all the videos I posted last week and the weekend(I got a little carried away with recording myself)

Let the Great Nerd Debate begin......................

Signing off with an Ahoy! There me hearty or a silent escape into the darkness
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