Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Reminders

As always it seems like my weekends and my life continue to become more hectic and chaotic. So I have once again decided to create a post to help remind and inform everyone with things going on with the blog.

1. I posted the Nerd Factory Episode 9 on Saturday. Be sure to watch the video(Scroll down or go the sidebar) and vote for it. 5 stars would be nice.

2. New Teacher Mystery Challenge is up and running

3. Nerd Debate is also posted: What is the best holiday song? Voting is open in the sidebar.

4. Six Word Memoir Book Review and a request for you to share your memoirs. A new series will begin on Wednesday where I post my six word phrase that summarizes my thoughts for the week.

5. Tuesday I will be opening a new challenge: Snowman decoration contest. Stay tuned for that.

6. On Saturday I reflected on my life with my birthday quickly approaching. I have posed a serious challenge for you. Please go scroll down, read, and join in on the challenge.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading and I am off to educate the youth and try to figure out how to get caught up with my to-do-list so I can get more videos made for my blog. I have a few ideas that are burning up my brain that need to get recorded for the world to see.

Happy Monday. Just remember.....nevermind I cannot say what I want because I don't want to get in trouble, but email me if you would like to know.

Mr. Maurer
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