Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Direction in Life

On Thursday, December 10th it will be my birthday. The day I screamed out to the world for all to hear as I also peed all over the doctor and he stated, "At least we know that end works!".

After spending quite a bit of time here on Earth and enjoy another year that has come and gone I cannot help but wonder what direction my life is taking.

I don't ask this question to myself as if I am lost and confused and not seeing any sort of purpose to my life(I know my purpose, to try and figure out how to beat Mario World on the Wii), but it seems that every year I celebrate another 365 days I have taken my life to a new direction. This time last year I was not taking college classes as I had already completed my masters, I was teaching sixth grade social studies and computer, and really enjoying the time I was spending with my family and glad that I got out of coaching high school sports. Fast forward to today and I sit here taking college classes for my new job, trying to write and create five different curriculum, still spending time with my family, but not as much as I am helping my father in law coach basketball in Fulton until my 8th grade basketball season starts, and now I have this blog which has slowly morphed its way into my daily existence.

It is amazing how much has changed without me really realizing it. So what does the next year hold in store? I hope the following

- more followers of my blog
- more contact with amazing young adult authors who provide me copies of their books to read and preview which I can then give the copies to students in addition to any swag they also send my way
- a continuation of my YouTube videos and really captivating a larger audience.
-trying to find a central focal point to my blog. I have a lot of things that I have bounced around since its creation
-more time with my family as I watch my children grow up way too fast
-to have as much fun with life as I have had so far being a big nerdy person who loves to act like an immature kid
-continue my lifelong goal of trying to write a young adult book. I still don't know how to begin. Any authors who read this blog I am open to ideas!

Why do I write all this on the brink of mybirthday? Shouldn't I be asking you to send me birthday wishes? Yes, I hope that you would do that without asking. Furthermore, I ask that you take time to reflect on your life. What changes have come your way? What would you like to happen in the next year?

Lastly, my ultimate birthday wish is for someone to find me a bag of the peanut butter and strawberried M and M's. I heard that these were being sold in stores several months ago. However, I have not seen them nor had an opportunity to taste. My birthday wish is for someone to find me a bag and present them to me so I can see for myself whether or not they are at all tasty. Additionally, send me other birthday gifts and cards and I will create a video about all the items that I have recieved to demonstrate the power of the Nerd Clansmen that follow this blog. Greedy, partly, but more importantly it just gives me an excuse to make another nerdy video. How about we try to gather as many different flavors of M&M's as possible? You see a weird flavor, grab and bag and send to me. We will make it a M&M birthday celebration. Yes, I love it when ideas just arise suddenly.

I send you forth on your quest of PB&J M&M's and birthday cards and gifts. I hide in the Nerd Factory anxiously awaiting your gifts of nerdiness.
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