Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Give Away Contest

I am going to give away my copy of Nightlight: A Parody.
You can read my review of the novel here.

How to Enter:

+2 for following me. (you must be following me to be eligible to win. Please let me know you are a follower in your comment and/or email)

+1 for leaving a comment with your correct email information. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email in a comment, please email me your information. In your comment share with me a book that you recommend I read.

+2 for submitting me a header picture for my blog. The image must contain the words "Coffee For The Brain"

+1 for posting, adding to a side bar or tweeting about this contest. (+1 for each of these you do, please post links.)

+3 for taking one of the images posted below and turning me into either a vampire or werewolf. I will allow for up to three pictures per person.

Everyone has a chance to have a total of 15 entries! I think that’s is actually too many, but let us see how it works out!

I am excited to see the results on this contest.

*Please check my Contest Policy for all info and rules about contests in the sidebar.*

DEADLINE to ENTER: January 29th, 2010 US ONLY! Sorry!!! Good Luck to everyone!
Announce Winner: January 30th. See Contest Info for more info.

I simply ask that you read the book and when finished to please pass it on for others to read. Share the book and help spread the word of this author.

Here are the pictures of me for you to modify into vampire or werewolf. Have fun!

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