Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review: I Kill Giants

I checked this out from the library.

This was an interesting comic book. This has all the parts of the series combined so there was no waiting which was nice. Had I had to wait or find the other parts individually I probably would have dropped this entirely. However, when you read from start to finish I was really pleased with taking the time to do so.

This comic deals with a girl name Barbara. The title comes from her in the first few pages when she declares that she kills giants. She wears bunny rabbit ears on her head and has a very quick witted tongue. She fired back at some bullies in the comic and I found myself laughing out loud. She is not part of the cool group. She reads, carries around a purse with a hammer on it called Coveleski, plays D&D, and keeps to herself. I kept trying to figure out where this novel was going. I was not sure if the giants were real or if she was seriously messed up in the head.

You will have to read this yourself to find out if she is crazy or if the "giants" are real. The ending really caught me off guard. Once I finished I realized that I just read about a girl trying to find her way in life while dealing with some pretty harsh realities. If you like comics, then read this one as it will hold your interest and have you thinking about several different things while reading.
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