Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Review: Writing on the Wall

This book I read very quickly. I was quickly sucked into the storyline and was not able to stop until I finished the book to know how it would end. The book revolves around two teens, Megan and Donnie. They meet by happenstance and a friendship develops. Both have things in their lives that are similar. They both have little father interaction. Donnie has a secret about his father that he does not tell Megan and Megan has a father that is rarely home. As these two continue to learn more about each other more secrets form. This is a story of how important friendships are when we go through pivotal events in our lives. Megan and Donnie meet almost every day in a rented storage unit that they purchased. This storage unit becomes their home away from home and their safety zone where they can open up and be themselves without worrying what others say or think.

As I read the book I kept thinking about how realistic this storyline was. I could relate to the importance of friends growing up. The author, Christopher Cleary has written a wonderful novel. This would be a book that I would recommend to anyone looking for a book about growing up, trying to figure out who we are, and how to deal with issues that we don't always have control over. I would recommend this novel for students in 8th grade or higher for a couple reasons. One, Megan and Donnie become more than friends and there are references to sex, but nothing that I think is offensive. Second, many of the topics are part of life while in high school. Some family issues of suicide and depression are also topics that one needs to be aware of. Overall, don't let these things detract you from reading this book. I am glad that I came across this book by a misguided search on Amazon.

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