Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome Back To School

I went a little post crazy this weekend making up for the time that I was sick. Here are some things to check out in case you have not been on the blog the last few days.

1. Random Thoughts 2.14.10 Video - 10 minutes of useless information, two new addicting games, and discussion of Ghostbusters
2. Random Thoughts 2.15.20 Video - Some information on presidents
3. Teacher Mystery Challenge #15
4. Book Give Away Contest is coming to a close at the end of the week.
5. A few other posts for you to check out that don't really fit any specific criteria. Just scroll down the blog I have posted about 6 times since Sunday.

It feels great to be back to being healthy and nerdy.

Watch the video below and if this does not make you ready to begin your day, then check your pulse because you might be dead.
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