Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Nerd Debate...Actually a Challenge

***************************UPDATE #2******************************

Thanks to all of you who have provided suggestions for this challenge. I knew that the Nerd Clansmen would pull through for me. I have placed all suggestions provided via email to the comment section so please be sure to check these out. I have had an awesome time remembering the good old music videos. Keep it up everyone!

Okay, so here is the deal. I have this challenge for you. I think this will be another great challenge that will produce some interesting results. Here are the ramifications:

Topic: Music Videos
1. Music Video has to be a song that was at one time popular.
2. Music Video has to also be a song that the average person has completely forgotten about.
3. Music Video has to be really cheesy or so old school that it forces a smile on our face.
4. Music Video has to be a clean version of the song and appropriate for me to share on my blog.
5. Have fun and do your best to surprise us.

I am excited for this challenge because I love music and I cannot wait to see what the viewers will gather for this challenge. To start things off I am going with the following video. Enjoy, make the same remark that I did, "OMG! I forgot all about this song" and then laugh at the horrible fashion statements captured in the video. Good luck and I look forward to making a future post of all videos.

Here is the link to my video. The embed option has been disabled so you will have to access it this way.

YES!!! I told you someone would pull through. WORD! I received this suggestion via email. Here is for you to enjoy! Keep them coming!

Here is another Mr. Maurer suggestion. "It's getting kinda hectic......I will attack and you don't want that!

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