Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Review: Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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book acquired from public library

This was another book on my path to read about improving one's vision of life and trying to learn a few things about myself and to better myself as a coach. I was not really sure how this book would affect me and my philosophy on life and coaching, but it really forced me to ask myself a lot of questions. I will admit that there were times that I did not understand what the point of a particuluar story or passage was trying to get across and I blame that on myself for not being smart enough. However, I did love this book and have a few other books by Dan Millman on hold at the library.

This book is really about the journey of Dan Millman finding himself through this bizarre quest of listening and following an old man that works at a gas station. Dan Millman is an Olympic gymnast and he is really forced to undergo a life changing journey when he meets the man he call Socrates.

Dan has many qualities and outlooks on life that are similar to my own. This novel was a good reminder/reflection that as a society we correlate(or I should say confuse) physical strength and fitness (I would also say physical beauty)for true health. True health is not achieved by exercise, special diets or spa treatments alone. This book helps the reader to understand this mindset in this fictional auto-biography of Dan Millman. I would recomend this novel to anyone(even young adults) because I think that the individual reader will take away something. It will be different for each person depending on their current lifestyle and personal experiences. As I read the other books by this author I think this book will only become stronger in my mind as I begin to understand more. Looking for a new outlook or story to help you reflect on yourself? Then check this book out. I also plan on watching the movie and will review that as well.

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