Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first batch of artwork has arrived

The journal has been returned from North Carolina. The great and fabulous blogger Haley from was awesome enough to be the first to add elements to the journal. Check out the stuff she added to the book. Some are much better in person(the one page has a smell which you cannot really scan into the blog). The best one is the sewing image. I am blown away. This journal has already surpassed all my expectations with this artwork/sewing. I even made it my header for my blog. The challenge is now bestowed upon the next contributors to outdue what has been started. Who wants it next? Some have show interest, but after contacting each of the volunteers nobody responded. So.........jump on board and add to this cool experience. Send me an email so I can mail it off. Great job Haley and be sure to check her blog as it is one of the best ones out there right now. Adios.

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